A range of sources of Collagen on the market, but are they equivalent? Let’s break down their characteristics. 



  • Derived from fish scales/skin and jellyfish
  • It is the cheapest form available, so companies like to promote it 
  • Devoid of clinical support to validate its effectiveness
  • Often pre-digested (hydrolysed) to make it soluble



  • Generated from cow hide and hoofs
  • Available in various forms of complexity & support
  • Pre-digested for solubility and absorption
  • Clinical support limited to certain branded bioactive peptides 



  • Obtained from rooster combs and egg membranes
  • Minimal clinical research documenting benefits



  • Not actually Collagen, but small peptides created from fermentation processes to mimic structures in Collagen.
  • Devoid of clinical research to determine its utility and effectiveness
  • An amino acid cocktail using the collagen name for marketing purposes


VERISOL®B (bovine)

  • The VERISOL®B (bovine) brand is a highly selected range of peptides that do more than supply critical amino acids to make collagen, VERISOL®B (bovine) activates skin cells (Fibroblasts) to generate locally Collagen and other matrix elements.
  • VERISOL®B (bovine) Is made from Collagen derived from multiple sources (Bovine, Marine) as it selects the most important peptides to optimize skin health
  •  Global leader in providing clinical support validating its benefits on Collagen and matrix metabolism to promote skin health, appearance, function and form.
  • Promotes health and growth of fingernails
  • Reduces cellulite 


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