What is MassPay?
- MassPay’s cutting-edge software provides our Ambassadors and Influencers with largest variety of commission payout services at the fastest speeds and the lowest fees possible.

How can I activate my MassPay account?

- Once you have requested your first commission withdrawal from your Bella Grace eWallet, an account will be automatically created for you – an activation email will be sent to you within 24 hours. 

How can I access my MassPay account?

- Your MassPay account can be accessed by logging into your Bella Grace backoffice and click on "Commissions" and "eWallet".

What if I forget my password?

- You can always reset your personal password using the Forgot Password tool on the Masspay login page or visit members.masspay.io/reset_password

What if I need to update my personal information?

- Due to regulatory and compliance regulations, you are not allowed to update your own information. Please contact MassPay support support@masspay.io to make changes.

How do I get my money from Masspay to my bank account?

- From your dashboard, just click “Transfer” and select your location, amount, and destination – it’s that easy!

Can I save my bank information in Masspay?

Yes, bank details are saved automatically. After making your first withdrawal from MassPay, a new button will appear on your dashboard saying "send again".  They can click this, select the amount, and it will take you directly to the confirmation page, using the same transfer details as entered previously.

Can I deposit funds to someone else’s bank account?

- Unfortunately, no. You can transfer funds only to an account that is in your name. Note: your personal information contained in your MassPay account must match that of your bank account to avoid delays and/or failures.

How long does it take for transfers to show up in my bank?

- This depends on where you are located and what service you have chosen, but the majority of transactions arrive within 1-2 business days. Below are transfer options offered by Masspay.

What is the cutoff time for “Same-day” & “Next-Day” transfers?

- Same day transactions need to be posted prior to 12:00nn PST. If after 12:00nn the funds should arrive the next business day. If the transaction is submitted on a non-business day, the funds should arrive on the next business day. 

- Next day by 16:45 PST. If you miss those cutoff times, your transfer will process the following business day.

Is there anything else that I need to know?

- Your personal privacy and security are our #1 concern. We do not share your information with anyone and we employ the latest in security and compliance software.