The FDA has established laws where the potential presence of known allergens must be noted on packaging (Facts Panel). Commonly these may be nuts, soy etc. and are documented for consumer education. There are no known allergens in the Bella Grace Elixir.

Note that allergies are a body response to certain protein structures. Biochemical structures that are not proteins do not produce classic allergy. There are odd exceptions that mimic allergy symptoms via the direct activation of mast cells (these are the cells that contain histamine and other mediators of allergy). An example would be sulfite although this is rare.

 The “natural flavors” contained in the Bella Grace Elixir are aromatic (non-protein) compounds that are provided by high-end flavor houses and are not extracts of whole berries. They are select aromatic compounds. We cannot divulge the exact specifics of these flavors as they represent part of the Trade Secrets around the elixir. The flavor houses that supply the flavoring are cognizant of allergens and FDA mandates and attest that the flavors used do not contain biochemicals with known allergenicity. If they were present then the FDA would mandate that they be acknowledged in the Facts Panel.

We trust that this background information alleviates concerns for those with known allergies. However, if concerns remain then the choices are to proceed with caution or not take the product.